LinkedIn services

LinkedIn Consult

You know your LinkedIn profile needs work but where do you start and what do you say?

Book a LinkedIn Consultation and get an audit of your profile with a walk through of every section with suggestions, best practices and optimization tips tailored to your business and industry.

You will feel confident putting the whole thing together so you’re open for business on the world’s top business networking site.


Add on a profile optimization and turn your profile into a marketing machine that works for you 24/7.

Done For yOu

LinkedIn is made up of business owners, professionals and decision makers. AKA, your ideal clients. 

Did you know that off the 600+ million monthly active users on the world’s largest business network, fewer than 1% are publishing content? Publishing content is how you position yourself as the expert, build your brand and generate leads. If you aren’t sharing your value on LinkedIn, you’re not leveraging the platform to its fullest. 

Done for you services includes:

– Optimizing your profile to be client facing

– Creating, publishing and managing content that converts connections to clients

– Add on: messaging and connection targeting that is dialed into your goals.

Use LinkedIn to build your brand, position you as the expert in your industry and generate leads. 

LinkedIn Marketing Guidebook

I have a special place in my heart for LinkedIn. Why?
For service based personal brands, the platform is teeming with the business owners, professionals and decision makers that make up your idea clients.
Even better? Fewer than 1% of the hundreds of millions of active monthly users are creating content on the site.
That’s a huge opportunity! Your ideal clients are there, they’re there for business AND you have the floor!
If you have been wanting to dive into LinkedIn to build your brand, position yourself as the expert and generate high quality leads, my LinkedIn Marketing Guidebook will set you up for success.


📍 Intro to LinkedIn, tutorials and best practices- LI 101
📍 Audit with video overview- where are you starting from and how to move forward
📍 Optimization- written to catch your ideal client’s eye
📍 Content plan with sample content and content calendar- using the 5 styles of content that convert
📍 Hashtag and keyword bank- help me help them find you so you can help them
📍 Lead Magnet template- LinkedIn is the top of your funnel but we need you to own your network. Let’s tempt them to give you their email address so you can nurture them.
📍 3 Email welcome sequence template- let’s get them into the fold immediately and automatically.
📍 Connection invite and messaging templates- we don’t want to be salesy and spammy but we do need to get the convo going so we can move to the handshake.


The very first step to LinkedIn success is an optimized profile. Following your profile audit, we optimize your complete profile, including rich keywords, graphics, and client-facing copy that will catch your ideal client’s eye and intice them to connect and build a business relationship with you.


Using Content That Converts, the 5 styles of pursuasaive content to build your brand, position you as the expert and generate leads, we craft a personalized content plan, sample content and content calendar so the guesswork of what to post is smashed.


Social media is the top of your funnel. It’s integral to building a sustainable business that we build your email list so you have a engaged group to nurture and sell to. To do this, we create a leadmagent and welcoming email sequence. Own your list.

lead gen

No LinkedIn Marketing plan would be complete without a messaging strategy. How do you get the conversation going without being salesy and spammy and move your prospect to the next step in your funnel- a meeting? These templates tailored to you will get the conversation going naturally.