Video content has been crushing it on all social media platforms in the last few years, and LinkedIn is no exception. Instagram even made an announcement recently stating that it is moving its strategy to become a video-first platform, meaning that it is going to prioritize video content over static graphics. This announcement came as a shock, but there’s nothing to say that other platforms won’t follow Instagram’s lead. That’s why if you aren’t currently using video on LinkedIn yet, you better get on it! It’s the fastest way to build that know/like/trust factor that moves the pin in business. Aside from that, here are three benefits of using video to build your brand on LinkedIn.

  1. Video Gets More Views

Did you know that visual content gets 94% more views than text posts? That trend isn’t going away any time soon. If you haven’t been experimenting with video and visuals, you have been missing out on followers, leads, and sales. 

A reason video gets more views than written content is that it targets non-readers. Sometimes, people simply don’t want to read what you have written. They get into the habit of scrolling through their feed quickly and only skim written content. Video is harder to scroll past, especially if the first few seconds are purposely created to grab attention. 

Here are a few things I recommend to ensure your video gets a lot of views:

  • Capture attention from the start
  • Design for sound off- always include captions
  • Keep the video short- 30 seconds to 3 minutes
  • Have a strong call to action at the end
  • Invest in high-quality setup (lighting, camera, background, etc.)
  • Upload your video directly to LinkedIn (platforms don’t like to send people off-site)
  1. Video is More Personal

Seeing someone speaking to you versus reading something that anyone could have written makes videos more personal. It seems like this person is looking directly at you, and that automatically grabs your attention. Plus, the speaker in the video can talk personally to their audience. It feels one-on-one, and people like feeling special. You are building trust and a relationship with your audience. With marketing strategies moving more and more towards personalization, video is the way to go on social media.

  1. Video Can Tell a Story

It’s hard to convey a story as written text in a few sentences. Video is much easier to tell your potential customers a story. Have you ever seen a video that tugs on your heartstrings? That wasn’t by accident. The creator meant to pull you in with a video that would resonate with you and make you feel something. Written content is great (hey, this blog is written so who am I to judge?), but there’s no doubt that video makes people emote more than text. Here are a few ideas of stories you can tell through video on social media:

  • Educate your audience about a topic
  • Share company updates
  • Take customers behind the scenes
  • Showcase a case study
  • Highlight inspiring employees and let them tell their story

Video is here to stay on social media. It gets more views than static graphics, it’s more personal, and it can tell your audience a story. Integrating video into your digital marketing strategy is hugely important to building your brand on LinkedIn. 

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