4 Reasons to Content on LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand

LinkedIn is the best place to connect with business owners, decision makers and professionals- AKA: your ideal clients. That’s where they’re hanging out and they have business in mind when they do.

Typically, users head to the platform to share industry news, check company updates, and meet new people. However, some professionals are missing a huge opportunity, and that is creating content. Staggering STAT: fewer than 1% of active users are creating and publishing content for LinkedIn! Most people are social lurkers, meaning they don’t participate in the conversation. They only read other people’s posts or maybe give those posts a like. I’m here to tell you that being a social lurker isn’t doing you any favors. If you are one of the experts creating valuable content for your brand, you have the users of the platform waiting to consume it. That’s why creating content for the network is one of the four pillars of a successful LinkedIn campaign. It’s essential to growing your personal brand. Don’t believe me? Ouch. But I get it.

Here are four reasons why you want to add a strong content marketing strategy now:

  1. Allows You to Start Conversations

Instead of reading other people’s thoughts and opinions, you have the opportunity to start the conversation and steer it in whatever direction you want. Write posts, create a graphic, or film a video on a topic you are passionate about. Posts are used for several different purposes too. You can promote your products or services, learn more about your audience, ask questions, or foster engagement and conversation. 

  1. More Visibility

You know when you’re scrolling through your LinkedIn feed, and you see a post by a random person? You think, “who the heck is this?!” Then you look above the post and see that one of your connections liked that post? The only reason you’re seeing that post is because one of your connections liked it. Then if you like the post, all your connections will see that you liked the post. Imagine the reach that person has! Their post is reaching hundreds or thousands of people that they aren’t connected with. That’s a huge opportunity to get your content seen and your name out there to more people! 

  1. Develop the Know, Like, and Trust Factor

The Know, Like, and Trust (KLT) factor is developed over time among your audience. Once they get to know you, they start to like you (because you’re so dang cute). When they like you, they trust you, they become clients. And if that’s not the goal, then what are we even trying to do? People only work with people they know, like, and trust. Think about it. Is that true for you? 

You develop the KLT factor by consistently posting and allowing your audience to see the value you deliver and the expertise that you share. What are you working on? What challenges have you faced or are you currently facing? What are you passionate about? What value do you have to give to your audience? Start with these prompts when you start posting. The KLT factor comes through connection. When someone connects with something you post about, the KLT journey begins.

  1. Tell People What You Do

You’d be surprised how many people don’t actually say how they can help people. If you don’t tell people what you do, you can’t expect them to know or seek you out to find out. Posting on LinkedIn is a free pitch to potential customers! You can explain the value you bring to the table and why they need to work with you. You can also give them free resources to get them on your email list. You’re finding leads for free and funneling them to your main offer. All from organic social media.

Don’t be a social lurker! Creating content on LinkedIn allows you to start the conversation, gives you more visibility, and starts developing the know, like, and trust factor among your audience. Creating content on LinkedIn is essential to building your personal brand.

If you want help getting your content on point for LinkedIn, grab the LinkedIn Success Roadmap- it a free bundle that focuses on all four pillars of a successful LinkedIn campaign and includes a section devoted to content. You’ll find prompts, engaging post swipe files, best practices and more! Get it here: LinkedIn Success Roadmap Bundle


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